Leap Year
February 29 - March 10 2012
The Department, 1389 Dundas Street West

What would you do if only once every four years you could break any rule for just one day alone?

Brought to you by Toronto based Woman King Collective; Leap Year was a series of community driven craft, art and design events that asked this one simple question. The show was hosted at the department (www.thedepartment.ca) located at 1389 Dundas Street West in Toronto, Ontario. The show was opened to the public on Monday February 27th and ran until Saturday March 10th with an opening reception on Wednesday February 29th, 2012.

Leap Year involved not only a group show but also a related panel discussion on Saturday, March 3rd. The focus was on handmade theme driven work that asks questions and invited open discussion in a community driven environment, showcasing emerging work and confronting the implications of its making.

Featuring the work of Canadian Artists and Designers including Erin McCutcheon, Marianne Jette, Ilana Van Zyl, Alexa Tamar Smith, Marta Chudolinska and the Artists of Woman King Collective. This exciting series of events was an investigation of multidisciplinary work that interrogated what it is to break the rules if the chance was given to do this only on the four year event of a leap year, happening on the illusive date of February 29th. Based on the long forgotten Irish tradition that allowed women the chance to propose to their beloved only once every four years. This practice was an act that represented an extreme bending of the rules and testing the lines of traditional gender roles. Leap Year will ask the question: What would you do if only once every four years you could break any rule for just one day?

(Text taken from http://www.womankingcollective.com/)